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Emeritus Faculty Funding

Emeritus Funding Policy

Emeritus Faculty Allocations

Emeriti Faculty who remain active in research, teaching, or service to the department can submit a request to use departmental funds to psych.service@osu.edu for up to 3 years upon entry into Emeritus status. The Purchasing Fiscal Associate will forward the request to the Department Chair and Fiscal Officer for review.

Requests must include the following (as applicable):

  • A specific business purpose indicating how the business expenditure relates to and/or benefits the Department of Psychology mission
  • Vendor Information (i.e. name, address, website, etc.)
  • Amount of funding requested
  • When the purchase will need to be processed
  • Any additional supporting documentation (i.e. invitation, announcement, etc.)

The Chair will determine if the business purpose continues to support the mission and needs of the department and if budget exists to support the request. If the request is approved, the Purchasing Fiscal Associate will work directly with the Emeriti Faculty member to complete the transaction. If the request is denied, the Purchasing Fiscal Associate will inform the Emeriti Faculty member promptly so other personal arrangements can be made.

*Department fund allocation authority resides at the discretion of the Department Chair.