Psychology 2220 Learning Lab


Psychology 2220 Learning Lab

Lazenby Hall 015

The Psychology 2220 Learning Lab provides free academic support for students enrolled in Psychology 2220: Data Analysis in Psychology. Trained Peer Experts can assist students with clarifying concepts, reviewing for tests, and working on practice problems.

All services are free! No appointment needed; drop-ins welcome!

Autumn 2022 Learning Lab Hours

Services are virtual over Zoom and In-Person. Please ask your instructor for the Zoom link.

  • Monday (in-person): 12-5PM
  • Tuesday (in-person): 12-5:30PM
  • Wednesday (Zoom): 3-6PM
  • Thursday (in-person): 12-2:30PM
  • Thursday (Zoom): 4-6PM
  • Friday  (in-person): 12-4PM