Core Faculty

These are the full-time members of the Developmental Area.


John C. Gibbs

Professor. PhD, Harvard University, 1972
Primary research area: Sociomoral Development
Current work: Developmental theory, assessment of social cognition and moral judgment, interventions with conduct-disordered adolescents. 

John E. Opfer

Professor. PhD, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2000
Primary research area: Cognitive Development
Current work: Conceptual development, representation of knowledge, naïve biology, and numerical competence
Lab: Concepts & Learning Lab 

Zeynep Saygin

Assistant Professor. PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; 2012
Primary research area: Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience
Current work: The structural and functional architecture of the human brain and how it develops and changes with typical and atypical experience.
Lab: ZLab 

Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan

Professor. PhD, University of Illinois, 2003
Primary research area: Social-Emotional Development in Infancy and Early Childhood
Current work: coparenting, father-child relationships, transition to parenthood, child effects on family relationships

Vladimir M. Sloutsky

Professor. PhD, Russian Academy of Education and University of Moscow, 1986
Primary research area: Cognitive Development
Current work: The development of knowledge representation, cognitive mechanisms, and the development of thinking, reasoning, and categorization, interrelationships between language and cognition.
Lab: The Cognitive Development Lab 

Laura Wagner

Associate Professor. PhD, University of Pennsylvania, 1998
Primary research area: Language Acquisition and Conceptual Development
Current work: Children’s understanding of verb meaning and verb morphology, Early understanding of event cognition, The relationship between linguistic and cognitive development.
Lab: Developmental Language and Cognition Lab 


Emeritus Faculty

Raymond Montemayor

Emeritus Associate Professor. PhD, Michigan State University, 1974
Primary research area: Adolescent Development
Current work: Parent-adolescent conflict, transformation of family relations between childhood and adolescence, relations between adolescents and their mothers and fathers, gender-role development during adolescence. 


Adjunct Faculty

Brady Reynolds

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics. PhD West Virginia University, 2002
Primary research area: Adolescent development; impulsive behavior
Current work: Development and evaluation of contingency management smoking-cessation programs oriented to adolescent populations


OSU Developmental Community

Across campus, there are many faculty conducting developmental research. These faculty collaborate with the core faculty, work with developmental students, and in general help create a vibrant developmental community.