Dr. John Gibbs

Professor, Developmental

My interests pertain to cross-cultural sociomoral development, parental socialization, empathy, prosocial behavior, and antisocial behavior. I have, with students and colleagues, developed assessment measures of moral judgment, moral identity, social perspective-taking, self-serving cognitive distortions, and social skills. We have also converted our sociomoral treatment program, EQUIP, into a prevention program for middle and high school students. The new edition of my textbook, Moral Development and Reality, has been published by Oxford University Press.

Selected Recent Publications

Potter, G. B., Gibbs, J .C., Robbins, M., & Langdon, P. E. (in press). A comprehensive cognitive behaviorial program for offenders: Responsible Adult Culture. Dordrecht: Springer.

Gibbs, J. C. (2014). Moral development and reality: Beyond the theories of Kohlberg, Hoffman, and Haidt. New York: Oxford University Press.

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Patrick, R. B., & Gibbs, J. C. (2012). Inductive discipline, parental expression of disappointed expectations, and moral identity in adolescence. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 41 973-983.

Plante, N., Daigle, M. S., Gaumont, C., Charbonneau, L., Gibbs, J. C., & Barriga, A. (2012). Validation of the "How I Think" Questionnaire in a population of French-speaking adolescents with externalizing behaviors Behavioral Sciences and the Law, 30, 196-210.

Chabrol, H., van Leeuwen, N., Rodgers, R. F., & Gibbs, J. C. (2011). Relations between self-serving cognitive distortions, pyschopathic traits, and antisocial behavior in a non-clinical sample of adolescents. Personality and Individual Differences, 51, 887-892.

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Gibbs, J. C., Basinger, K. S., Grime, R. L., & Snarey, J. R. (2007). Moral judgment development across cultures: Revisiting Kohlberg's universality claims. Developmental Review, 27, 443-500.

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  • PhD Harvard University

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