Psychology Advancement Committee


Damon Asbury

 Damon Asbury

“I am a proud graduate of The Ohio State University (BA, Psychology, 1964; MA, Psychology, 1966; PhD, Psychology, 1970). Prior to retiring, I served as a school psychologist, educational and public administrator, and government relations consultant.  Positions held during my career included service as the Superintendent of Schools in both Columbus and Worthington school districts, Executive Director of the State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio, and Director of Legislative Services for the Ohio School Boards Association.  In addition, I was on the faculty of the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs at Ohio University and was an adjunct instructor at The Ohio State University. 

"The Ohio State University and the Department of Psychology provided me with a wonderful foundation of basic skills, knowledge and resources to support the varied roles held during my career of service to children, teachers, school board members and the larger community.  Although my professional life often ventured outside traditional psychologist roles, I always identified as a psychologist first and foremost.” Damon Asbury



Michael Brennen


Jean Carfagno

Jean Carfagno

Jean McQuilkin Carfagno is a co-founder of The Thelma McMillen Recovery Center at Torrance Memorial Medical Center in Torrance, CA.  She received her undergraduate degrees at The Ohio State University.  Jean remembers with fondness the psychology professors in the “OLD” University Hall with its lack of heat and air conditioning.   She is grateful to the Ohio State community for supporting her and preparing her for leadership and purpose in her life and career.






Rosie Davis

Rosie Phillips Davis, PhD. , ABPP 

Rosie Phillips Davis is a professor of counseling psychology at the University of Memphis, where she previously served as the vice president for student affairs. She earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology and education from then-Elmhurst College, a master’s degree in counseling and guidance and a Ph.D. in counseling psychology from The Ohio State University. In 2019, Dr. Davis served as president of the American Psychological Association, where her presidential initiative focused on bringing the voice of psychology to the fight against deep poverty. 

“The psychology department at OSU fundamentally changed my life.  I have grown so much internally and have been able to be a supporter and advocate for people all over the world, especially in my hometown of Memphis, TN.” Rosie Phillips Davis




Rick Guzzo

 Richard A. Guzzo

Rick (BS, Psychology, 1974) has experienced two distinct but related careers, the first in academics. That career culminated as Professor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology at the University of Maryland, preceded by a similar position at New York University. The second is a private sector career. He is the co-leader of the Workforce Sciences Institute at Mercer, Inc. where he has Research & Development responsibilities and delivers research-based consulting services to client organizations.

“The great education in psychology and the opportunity to be interdisciplinary in my studies at OSU gave me a foundation that has served me superbly and has enabled me to work across boundaries both in academics and business.” Rick Guzzo LinkedIn





Susan Holliday

Susan Holliday R.N., Ph.D.

Susan Burchfield Holliday (BS, Nursing and Psychology, Ohio State, 1974; PhD, Physiological Psychology; and Clinical Psychology, University of Washington (UW), 1978) lives in Seattle.  She was on the faculty at the University of Kentucky and the UW and had a private practice as a Clinical Psychologist in Seattle. Currently, she is retired, active in professional and community organizations and enjoys outdoor sports and OSU football.

Ohio State enabled me to experience a multi-disciplinary approach to education and create a career in Psychology specific to my interests. I am grateful to the Psychology Department for the mentoring and great education I received as well as for lifelong friendships.                “How firm thy friendship…OHIO!”