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Departmental Leadership

University Leadership

  • Demondre Peak, Chair, Council of Graduate Students- Diversity and Inclusion Committee. (
  • Rachel Bowen, Chair, University Senate- The Diversity Committee. (
  • Lei Guo, Chair, Undergraduate Student Government- The Diversity and Inclusion Committee. (

Current Graduate Students

Below is a list of some current graduate students in the Psychology Department. These students are committed to upholding a diverse and inclusive climate and have volunteered to make themselves available to answer questions from prospective graduate students.

If you have questions about applying to graduate school or would like to know more about the Department, please feel free to contact them!

  • Name: Taylor Ballinger Year: 4 Area: Social Research Interests: Diversity, social identity, intergroup relations
  • Name: Tina Nguyen Year: 4 Area: Social Research Interests: Motivation, self-knowledge, goal pursuit
  • Name: Tyler MacDonald Year: 2 Area: Decision Research Interests: Numerical cognition, affect, time perception
  • Name: Briana Brownlow Year: 4 Area: Clinical Research Interests: Racial differences in emotion regulation, health disparities
  • Name: Javier Granados Samayoa Year: 5 Area: Social Research Interests: Attitudes, social cognition, self-regulation 
  • Name: Blair Shevlin Year: 2 Area: Decision Research Interests: Numerical cognition, decision-making, risk-taking
  • Name: Prutha Deshpande Year: 4 Area: Cognitive Research Interests: Color perception, color categorization
  • Name: Robby Ralston Year: 3 Area: Developmental Research Interests: Cognitive development, categorization, attention
  • Name: Logan Wahl Year: 1 Area: Clinical Research Interests: Dialectical behavioral therapy, mental health of LGBTQ+ individuals
  • Name: Seulbee Lee Year: 2 Area: Social Research Interests: Emotion, motivation, decision-making
  • Name: Shaadee Samimy Year: 4 Area: Clinical Research Interests: Attention, lifestyle factors, neuroimaging
  • Name: Rachel Gilfarb Year: 2 Area: Behavioral Neuroscience Research Interests: Effects of stress on the brain, animal models 
  • Name: David Cregg Year: 5 Area: Clinical Research Interests: Positive psychology, well-being, clinical interventions
  • Name: Megan Whelen Year: 2 Area: Clinical Research Interests: Cognitive therapy for depression 
  • Name: Vanessa Ivy Year: 1 Area: Social Research Interests: Biracial identity, multiple identities
  • Name: Phuong Lee Year: 2 Area: Social Research Interests: Self-regulation, motivation
  • Name: Allison Londeree Year: 3 Area: Social Research Interests: Reward, self-regulation, neuroscience