In the Department of Psychology, honors students can take challenging honors courses in a small classroom setting, as well as participate in research experiences where they work alongside some of the field’s leading researchers and scholars.

Honors students work closely with their Psychology Honors Advisor to craft a curriculum of challenging courses, research experiences, internships, and extra-curricular involvement relevant to their academic and career goals.


To graduate "With Honors in Arts and Sciences" [pdf]

A student must have an overall GPA of 3.4 and complete an Honors Curriculum Contract. An Honors Contract includes more rigorous and challenging courses, usually a minor, and often times a second major. The contract is developed with an Honors advisor from the Colleges of Arts and Sciences and the Psychology Honors Advisor. This contract is tailored to reflect individual interests/career plans. It is submitted during spring semester of a student's sophomore year.

To graduate "With Honors Research Distinction in Psychology"

Honors Research Distinction requires the completion of an honors thesis project. Check out the link above to learn more!


Psychology Honors courses include:

  • Psychology 1100H: Introduction to Psychology
  • Psychology 2220H: Data Analysis in Psychology
  • Psychology 3310H: Sensation and Perception
  • Psychology 3313H: Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Psychology 3321H: Quantitative and Statistical Methods in Psychology
  • Psychology 3325H: Introduction to Social Psychology
  • Psychology 3331H: Abnormal Psychology
  • Psychology 3371H: Language and the Mind
  • Psychology 3550H: Psychology of Childhood
  • Psychology 3551H: Psychology of Adolescence
  • Psychology 4508H: Psychology of Judgment and Decision-Making
  • Psychology 5613H: Biological Psychiatry

To enroll in an Honors course, students should be in the Arts and Sciences Honors Program or have permission of the instructor. Students enrolled in Honors sections should expect more challenging and rigorous assignments, as well as stimulating class discussions. Sections are small to encourage greater interaction between faculty and students. 


Honors students in the Department of Psychology have opportunities to participate in research at multiple levels. All students are required to take PSYCH 2300: Research in Psychology.  In addition, psychology students may elect to engage in PSYCH 4998: Undergraduate Research in Psychology, under the supervision of a faculty member, and even design and implement their own research project via the Honors Thesis (PSYCH 4999.01 and 4999.02).

The Psychology Department also encourages students to present their research findings. Every year, the Psychology Undergraduate Research Colloquium gives students the chance to observe and present research within the department. Many students also compete in the annual university-wide Denman Undergraduate Research Forum. Some students even present at professional conferences, such as the Midwestern Psychological Association annual conference!


We hope you will consider majoring in Psychology within the Arts and Sciences Honors Program at The Ohio State University. For further information, please visit the Arts and Sciences Honors Program.

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