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In 2017, the Psychology Undergraduate Advising Office conducted a survey of over 7500 Ohio State psychology graduates who received a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) degree between 1997 and 2016. These alumni were sent an email invitation to complete an online survey regarding their academic and professional experiences. The data from 820 Psychology alumni (11% response rate) are compiled below to address frequently asked questions about careers in psychology.


What are the most commonly pursued careers by psychology alumni?


Career Fields in Psychology

Other popular career fields indicated by OSU psychology alumni include:

  1. Law Enforcement/ Corrections
  2. Nonprofit/ Human Services
  3. Insurance/ Real Estate
  4. Marketing/ Advertising
  5. Finance/ Banking
  6. Hospitality/ Customer Service


What do psychology majors do after graduation?


Next Steps in Psychology

Graduate/professional school includes programs in psychology, medicine, counseling, social work, and many more. See below for more detailed information about different types of graduate/professional programs our alumni pursue. Alumni who chose Other indicated a variety of opportunities, including long-term service (e.g., Peace Corps), military, and focusing on family.

What jobs can I get with a Bachelor's degree in psychology?


Psych jobs with Bachelor's degree

Career fields included in the Other category include:

  1. Law Enforcement/ Corrections
  2. Higher Education/ Student Affairs
  3. Counseling
  4. Hospitality/ Customer Service
  5. Finance/ Banking
  6. Marketing/ Advertising
  7. Technology
  8. Nonprofit/ Human Services
  9. Legal

Here are some examples of jobs held by our alumni right after graduating with their Bachelor's degree...

  • Case Manager
  • Human Resources Assistant
  • Financial Advisor
  • Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapist
  • Data Manager
  • Psychiatric Technician
  • MRI Technologist
  • Legislative Aide
  • Campaign Manager
  • Patient Care Advocate
  • Court Liaison

To learn more about our alumni and their career paths after Ohio State, visit the Alumni Survey page on our undergraduate site.