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Concentration Requirements

Course Requirements

A student wishing to complete a concentration in quantitative psychology must complete three graduate courses offered by faculty in the quantitative area (with exclusions noted below). Students must achieve a grade point average of no less than 3.5 in any three of these courses to successfully complete the concentration. Courses taken under the quarter system will count the same as those taken under the semester system for purposes of the quantitative concentration.

Excluded Courses

The introductory graduate statistics courses (6810 and 6811) cannot be counted toward the quantitative concentration. Neither can the quantitative area’s colloquium (7896) nor any independent study course (e.g., 6193.06 and 8999). Although many excellent courses with substantial quantitative content are taught by faculty in other areas of psychology and by faculty in other departments, such courses cannot be counted toward the quantitative concentration, for the simple reason that the quantitative area cannot vouch for the content and rigor of such courses. Finally, courses that are not taken for a grade (e.g., audited courses or courses that are waived for any reason) cannot be counted toward the quantitative concentration. The quantitative area reserves the right to exclude future courses from fulfilling the concentration requirements. Should a new quantitative course be added that cannot be used to fulfill the concentration requirements, this fact will be noted in the syllabus for that course.

Other Information

For a student to receive a concentration in quantitative psychology, it is not required that a faculty member from the quantitative area serve on the student’s Candidacy Examination Committee.

When a student has completed the coursework for the concentration and has achieved an adequate GPA in those courses, the student should submit a letter to the quantitative area coordinator indicating the courses applicable to the concentration. For each course, the letter should indicate the semester in which the course was taken, the instructor, and the grade received. The quantitative area coordinator will subsequently provide the student and his or her adviser with a letter verifying completion of the concentration requirements. The main office of the Department of Psychology should be able to identify the current coordinator for the quantitative area.