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In lonely people, the boundary between real friends and favorite fictional characters gets blurred in the part of the brain that is active when thinking about others, a new study by co-authored…

The AAAS Fellowship, recognizing scientifically or socially distinguished efforts to advance science or its applications, is one of the most prestigious honors a U.S. scientist can receive.…

Dr. Charles Emery received the Cynthia D. Belar Award for Excellence in Health Psychology Education and Training from APA Division 38 (the Society for Health Psychology). This award…

Laurence Coutellier is awarded a 3-year grant from the Whitehall Foundation to study the adolescent maturation of neural circuit underlying social behaviors.


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Liz McGinnis
Senior Academic Advisor
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Research, Developmental
Associate Professor, jointly w/ Psychiatry & Behavioral Health; Clinical Area
Dr. Andrew Leber
Professor, Cognitive, Cognitive Neuroscience