Love research? Interested in taking what you learned in a PSYCH 4998 lab further? Consider completing a undergraduate thesis in psychology!

Frequently Asked Questions

Talk to your psychology advisor, attend our annual Psychology Enrichment Program “Getting Involved in Research in the Psychology Department,” attend the annual Psychology Undergraduate Research Colloquium, explore the PSYCH 4998 opportunities, or talk to your fellow students who are in research labs.

Students interested in pursuing a Thesis or Honors Thesis should begin participating in research (PSYCH 4998) no later than their sophomore year.

Students should secure a Faculty Thesis Advisor by fall semester of the junior year (typically this will be a faculty member with whom you completed 4998 research).

Go to the Be a Research Assistant webpage and find a project that sparks your interest. Check out the lab websites and start applying. It is recommended to apply to 5-7 labs. Once accepted, you can negotiate your hours and responsibilities (this will determine the number of credit hours you receive), have the faculty member sign a course enrollment form (s/he will have the class number), take the course enrollment form to the Psychology Advising Office (PS 015) or email it to

To enroll in PSYCH 4999.01 or 4999.01H, students should complete the Psychology Thesis/Honors Thesis Application. The application requires the signature of the Faculty Thesis Advisor. Once this is turned in to, students will be enrolled in PSYCH 4999.01 or 4999.01H.

For non-Honors students:

You must submit a Thesis Application with the College of Arts and Sciences (under Research Distinction) at least one term before your graduating term. You will need to submit a research proposal and your Faculty Thesis Advisor’s signature on the application form. You will need to schedule an appointment with your Psychology Advisor to complete the Major Program Form on the application.

For Honors students:

The application to graduate with Honors Research Distinction is available from the Arts and Sciences Honors Office. You will need to submit a research proposal and your Faculty Thesis Advisor’s signature on the application form. If you do not have an approved Honors Contract on file at the Honors Office, you will need to call (614) 292-5750 to schedule an appointment with the Psychology Honors Advisor to complete the Major Program Form of the application (you will have to complete the psychology major contract requirements).

After you have successfully completed your written Thesis document, you will have an hour-long meeting with your Faculty Thesis Advisor and one other faculty member. You will describe your Thesis project to them, and they will ask you questions about your work. You must defend your Thesis at least two weeks before the end of the term you graduate.