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Teaching plays an important role in the Psychology gradute program at Ohio State.  Graduate students have the opportunity to teach courses as instructor of record in one of several coordinated, mentored teaching programs.

Prior to teaching, graduate instructors prepare for their teaching assignment by completing a seminar in the Teaching of Psychology combined with a practicum specific to the course they will be teaching. Graduate instructors may teach Introduction to Psychology (1100), Introduction to Social Psychology (2367.01/3325), Abnormal Psychology (2367.02, 3331), Research Methods (2300) and more experienced graduate instructors have the opportuity to teach other advanced courses in their area of specialty.

Graduate students interested can earn additional credentials to enhance their teaching in the form of digital badges that comprise the Robert M. Arkin Certificate in the Teaching of Psychology.  Graduate instructors who have completed one year of teaching in one of the department's mentored teaching programs can earn additional credentials as they gain further experience and continue to develop their teaching skills.

For more information about teaching opportunities for graduate students at Ohio State, contact: