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The Robert M. Arkin Certificate in the Teaching of Psychology


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Graduate students pursuing the PhD in Psychology may enroll in a non-degree program providing a Department-based Certificate of Training in the Teaching of Psychology. Beginning in Spring 2017, the Certificate program has been re-designed around four separate credentials awarded as digital badges. Each badge represents four separate components: pedagogy, observation of teaching, professional development, and independent teaching experience. Completion of all four credentials, plus a teaching statement, completes the certificate program.

What is a Digital Badge?

"Digital badges are an assessment and credentialing mechanism that is housed and managed online. Badges are designed to make visible and validate learning in both formal and informal settings, and hold the potential to help transform where and how learning is valued."

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A digital badge is a credential that articulates the value and criteria for recognition of an accomplishment, skill, or interest. Graduate students in Psychology are enrolled in the Certificate program once they have been awarded the Pedagogy badge via Buckeye Badges, Ohio State’s digital badging platform. From there, instructors may choose which additional credentials to complete to enhance their teaching skills.

Buckeye Badges Partner


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Certifying student competencies, accomplishments and career skills through Buckeye Badges, the campus provider of digital badges. You may also reach them through email at buckeyebadges@osu.edu.

The Department of Psychology is partnering with Buckeye Badges to recognize instructors’ investment in developing their teaching skills

How do I get started?

Graduate instructors who have completed Psychology 6851, Seminar/Practicum in the Teaching of Psychology, will be automatically awarded the Pedagogy badge. Graduate students who have completed Education Policy and Leadership 7404: College Teaching should contact the graduate program coordinator, to confirm they have met this requirement. Once this badge has been awarded, graduate instructors will be enrolled in the Carmen(Canvas) course where they may submit requirements for other badges. Submissions will be reviewed monthly.

The Teaching Certificate program is named in memory of Professor Robert M. Arkin, an esteemed faculty member and advocate of teaching. We honor his years of service to Ohio State and his friendship to the department of psychology.