Prospective Students


The study of psychology is part of a long and distinguished tradition at Ohio State. The first psychology course was offered in 1879, and in 1907 an independent Department of Psychology was formed. The first Master of Arts degree in Psychology was awarded in 1915; the first Ph.D. in 1917. Since that time, about 2,800 master's degrees and 2,000 doctorates have been conferred. Department graduates hold respected teaching, research and professional positions across the United States and many practice in other countries. In fact, there is at least one Ohio State graduate on the psychology faculty of almost every major university in America.


About 60 professors make up the Psychology Department faculty at the Columbus campus. Many are recognized both nationally and internationally for their contributions to their fields, and many hold joint appointments, which mean they are also members of other department faculties at Ohio State.

Our faculty members, as well as a number of our alumni, are the recipients of the discipline's highest awards for professional and scientific achievement. Many serve as editors of major journals and several are president's of professional societies. They understand that they are role models and that they have a responsibility to help graduate students develop their sense of professional identity and commitment.

Autumn 2019 Admitting Faculty

Behavioral Neuroscience

  • Laurence Coutellier
  • Benedetta Leuner
  • Derick Lindquist


  • Barbara Andersen
  • Theodore Beauchaine
  • Jennifer Cheavens
  • Jasmeet Hayes
  • Scott Hayes
  • Ruchika Prakash
  • Daniel Strunk
  • Michael Vasey
  • Janice Kiecolt-Glaser
  • Lisa Christian


  • Julie Golomb
  • Richard J. Jagacinski
  • Ian Krajbich
  • Gail McKoon
  • Alexander Petrov
  • Roger Ratcliff
  • James T. Todd
  • Brandon Turner
  • Zeynep Saygin

Decision Psychology

  • Mike DeKay
  • Kentaro Fujita
  • Ian Krajbich
  • Ellen Peters
  • Roger Ratcliff


  • John Gibbs
  • John Opfer
  • Steve Petrill
  • Vladimir Sloutsky
  • Laura Wagner


  • Betsey Benson
  • Susan Havercamp
  • Luc Lecavalier
  • Marc Tasse
  • Katie Walton


  • Russell Fazio
  • Kentaro Fujita
  • Lisa Libby
  • Ellen Peters
  • Richard Petty
  • Steve Spencer
  • Dylan Wagner


  • Mike DeKay
  • Andrew Hayes
  • Jolynn Pek