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Psychology Minors

**DISCLAIMER: Students cannot major and minor in the same subject, so psychology majors are not able to declare a psychology minor.**

Below are descriptions for each of our seven minors. For more detailed information about the required courses, visit The College of Arts and Sciences minor page.

General Psychology Minor

This minor intended to accommodate the interests and the needs of students from a variety of majors who want to develop a basic, foundational perspective in the field of psychology. The minor provides introductory coursework in fundamental psychological issues of behavior, cognition, development and individual differences.

Clinical Psychology and Individual Differences Minor

This minor considers the intellectual, emotional, biological, psychological, social, and behavioral aspects of human functioning in an effort to reduce discomfort and promote adaptation and personal adjustment. This minor will provide students with knowledge about current perspectives and research in the areas of abnormal psychology, adjustment, testing, health psychology, and diversity issues.

Developmental Psychology Minor

Developmental Psychology considers fundamental questions in the field of psychology from the perspective of developmental change, utilizing a cognitive, social, physical, emotional, and moral lens. This minor will provide students with broad exposure to human development across the lifespan, as well as to developmental issues with special populations, such as adolescents, individuals with developmental disabilities, and delinquents.

Organization & Performance Minor

The minor in Organization and Performance provides students with knowledge of issues on both an individual and group basis, such as motivation, decision-making, leadership, creativity, and attitude formation, that impact performance on multiple levels.

Social Psychology & Personality Minor

Social Psychology and Personality is a subfield of psychology that studies how people think about, influence, and relate to one another. This minor will provide students with knowledge about personality theory, attitudes and attitude formation, stereotyping and prejudice, and decision-making.

Biological Bases of Behavior Minor

Biological Psychology explores the relationship between the brain and behavior. The minor will allow students to study behavior specifically from a physiological perspective.

Psychology Research Minor

The Psychology Research minor is designed to accommodate students with an interest in honing their analytical and quantitative skills. This minor will provide students with knowledge of advanced research methods, psychometrics, and modeling that can be applied to any number of fields, including the social sciences, business, medicine, and law.