Important Curricular Policies


These OSU policies might be relevant to your curriculum or degree. Check the tabs below for specific policies.


Course Enrollment Permission Form  - Registrar's website

After clicking on the link above, the form can be found at the bottom of the page under "Forms"

Some courses require instructor permission to add. Examples of this include: Psych 4998 (Research in Psychology), KNSFHP 1139.14 (Skydiving). If a course requires instructor permission, this will be written in the course description as a Prereq.


  • Before asking the instructor to sign the form, please fill out: 
    • Your Name, Student ID #
    • Semester/Year
    • Department, Course # (ex: 4998), # of credit hours, and instructor's name. 
  • After the instructor signs the form, bring it to the Psychology Advising Office or email it to We will enroll you in the course.
  • The final deadline to submit these forms in AU and SP semesters is the second Friday of the term. Please refer to the registrar's website for summer semester deadlines and details.

University Grade Forgiveness Policy/Forms/Check Status of Submitted Grade Forgiveness

Grade Forgiveness Policy in Psychology Courses: Students who progress to a higher-level psychology course and then wish to repeat a lower-level psychology course to earn a better grade are not permitted to use Grade Forgiveness.  For example, if one takes PSYCH 1100, and then takes PSYCH 3331, one may not then re-take PSYCH 1100 for Grade Forgiveness.


Important Dates

It's important to know the deadlines for the following:

  • Payments
  • Adding and Dropping Full-Term and Session Classes
  • Refunds
  • Registering for the upcoming semester's classes

The registrar's website shows a very detailed list of these deadlines and more each term. Be sure to click on the link above and open the appropriate PDF based on term.


The distinctions of cum laude, magna cum laude and summa cum laude are awarded to those graduates in ASC who meet the following standards (no rounding):

  • cum laude: Graduating with a GPA of 3.50 to 3.699 and completion a minimum of 60 graded semester hours of course work at Ohio State. Designation appears on your diploma and transcript.
  • magna cum laude: Graduating with a GPA of 3.70 to 3.899 and completion a minimum of 60 graded semester hours of course work at Ohio State. Designation appears on your diploma and transcript.
  • summa cum laude: Graduating with a minimum 3.90 GPA and completion a minimum of 60 graded semester hours of course work at Ohio State. Designation appears on your diploma and transcript.

Eligibility for any graduation honor requires a GPA based on completion of at least 60 graded hours (including courses graded "S/U") while enrolled in course work at Ohio State.

No EM (credit by examination) credit hours or credit hours taken on a Pass/Non-Pass basis are counted as part of these 60 hours.

Learn more about Latin Honors and Graduation through ASC's website.


Math Placement Testing

New to Ohio State? You may need to take a math placement test to determine your starting math class.

World Language Placement Testing

New to Ohio State or to The College of Arts and Sciences? If you took a language in high school and want to take a placement test to determine how many additional language classes you need to graduate, sign up for the placement test of your chosen language.

World Language Validation Testing

Is your first language something other than English? Are you a heritage speaker? See if you qualify for language validation.


Commonly Used Financial Aid Forms

Consortium Agreement - When taking a course at another institution and wanting financial aid to cover the cost.

SAP Appeal - When you have lost your aid due to GPA or completion rate issues and you would like to appeal for continued aid.


Ohio State Testing Center

You can use the Testing Center to take any of the following credit-based exams:

  • Credit by Exam:  Ohio State-specific tests that allow students to earn EM (examination mark) credit toward graduation by successfully completing tests in subject areas. Two types of tests created by The Ohio State University are used to measure content knowledge for specific courses: EM tests and departmental exams. Psychology offers exams for PSYCH 1100 and PSYCH 2220.
  • College Level Examination Program (CLEP): Allows students to demonstrate prior learning and earn college credit. Exams are offered in the Testing Center to students of any age.