Social Psychology Graduate Student DEI Committee

The Social Psychology Graduate Student Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee was created in 2020 in order to:

  • Facilitate communication between students and faculty on issues of climate and diversity.
  • Facilitate productive discussion between students on issues of climate and diversity.
  • Act as point of contact for students to raise diversity and inclusion concerns
  • Manage and monitor an anonymous reporting line for diversity and inclusion concerns
  • Provide a centralized location from which to access both internal and external resources related to diversity and inclusion
  • Take an active role in organizing events and opportunities to promote diversity and an improved climate¬†

Current Members

Vanessa Ivy, Shelby Boggs, Courtney Moore, Jesse Ladanyi, Kenneth Slagell


Past Members


Vanessa Ivy, Shelby Boggs, Phuong Le, Juan Ospina, Mengran (Nancy) Xu