Psychological Services Center FAQ


How much do your services cost? Does the PSC require/accept insurance?

  •  As we are a training clinic for the students in the Psychology Graduate program, all services are offered for free to adults (18 and older) in the surrounding Columbus Area. The PSC does not participate in any insurance panels and we never charge for our services. 

Can I contact your office for information for a family member/friend?

  • Yes, we are happy to discuss what services we offer! Please keep in mind that the client seeking treatment must contact us directly in order to be added to our waitlist. Per our privacy policy, we cannot add others to our waitlist through a family member or friend.

How do I become a new client?

  • Please contact us at (614) 292-2345 or to be added to our appointment waitlist. Our front desk assistant is available to add you to the wait list and answer questions Monday-Friday. If you call the office after hours or on the weekends, you may leave a message on our confidential voicemail.
  • Our students will then reach out to conduct a 20-30 minute phone screen interview to assess if one of our clinics is appropriate for your concerns.  Following that interview the Clinic Director will review your information to determine which clinic might be a good match for you. If so, we will then be able to assign a student therapist to the case once there is one available.

How long is your wait time for an initial appointment?

  • Appointment wait times vary by clinic and fluctuate throughout the year. Please contact the PSC to get updated information on wait times.

What will my first therapy session be like?

  • The goal of the first session is to get to know the client, and to gather information that will be important for determining the most appropriate course of treatment. Some of the information typically gathered in the first session is about the client's current concerns, social relationships, home environment, and psychological and medical history.

Who will I be seeing for therapy?

  • Clients are seen by Graduate student therapists in the OSU Clinical Psychology doctoral program. These are advanced students, in their second year of training or above, who are supervised by a licensed psychologist. Extensive supervision ensures that we provide clients with high-quality care. The OSU Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program is accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA).

 How frequent/how long are the length of your appointments?

  • Individual therapy appointments are typically scheduled weekly for about 50 minutes

How long can I be seen in the PSC?

  •  Depending on the client's needs, treatment may last weeks, months, or in some cases for a more extended period of time. Clients can be seen by a particular student therapist for up to 1 year. Clients can be transferred to another clinic and/or student after that if continued treatment is needed.

Do you have parking?

  • We have 2 parking spaces that can be used by clients during their appointment times if available.  Please let your student therapist know if you will need a parking pass for your appointment so they may sign it out prior to your arrival. You will be required to keep the pass in a visible location and will have to return it to the front desk once your session has ended.

Do you offer psychological testing?

  • We can offer limited testing services if it will benefit an already existing therapy treatment plan. This decision is made on a case by case basis by the student therapist and their supervisor. We do not offer psychological testing on its own without consistent therapy treatment.

Do you offer group therapy?

  •  Yes. We offer group therapy options in our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Clinic. Our group therapy options often have, but not always, shorter waitlists than the regualr clinics, call for more information. 

Do you offer inpatient treatment?

  •  No, our facility can only offer outpatient treatment.