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Associated Faculty Funding

Associated Faculty Travel Award & Expenditures Policy

Department Associated Faculty Travel Allocations

Psychology Department full-time associated faculty lecturers are allocated up to $300.00 per fiscal year from general department funds to support professional travel expenses as outlined in their letter of offer. To be used for virtual conferences only. To qualify for this support, a full-time lecturer must explain how their attendance at a professional conference, symposium, etc. relates to their professional development and how it will enhance their in-class teaching.

The annual department associated faculty travel allowance is available to utilize between July 1st and June 30th only on the individual associated faculty member’s professional travel expenses. That associated faculty member must be attending and/ or presenting at a professional conference or symposium in order to use these particular funds. All rules of the University with regard to pre-approval, documentation, expenditure limitations, deadlines, etc. apply.

Associated Faculty Travel Allocation Procedures

When full-time associated faculty are ready to make travel arrangements (at least 2 weeks prior to the trip departure date), they must email psych.service@osu.edu to provide the necessary details so the Fiscal Associates can obtain a travel number (T#), which is required before trip departure. The Department of Psychology Travel Request Form contains all required pre-travel information and can be completed and submitted to psych.service@osu.edu.

All associated faculty travel expenses and reimbursements must be submitted to psych.service@osu.edu shortly after the trip return date for processing. Reimbursements for trips taken at the end of spring semester must be submitted by the end of May to ensure they are processed, posted and cleared by the June 30 deadline.

Associated faculty may not transfer individual faculty travel funds, nor carry forward any balances between fiscal years.

Associated Faculty Expenditure Request Procedures

When associated faculty would like to make a request for the department to purchase instructional materials to use such as books or software, they must email the Department Chair and Administrative Manager with the items, cost and rational. Associated faculty must explain how the instructional materials will enhance their in-class teaching. The Chair and Administrative Manager will determine if the request supports the mission and needs of the department, reasonableness, equity amongst department associated faculty expenditure allocations, and if budget exists to support the request.

Any item purchased or reimbursed with University funds is material property of the University, not individual employees, and must remain with the University. No individual employee may take nor personally benefit from the sale of university material or equipment.

Other Funding Opportunities

Second Year Transformational Experience Program

University Center for the Advancement of Teaching (UCAT) programs specifically for associated faculty at Ohio State:

  • The Lecturer Learning Community
    • $1000 stipend to participate in monthly meetings as part of a community of 8 lecturers who each work on a specific project related to their teaching.
  • The Lecturer Teaching Development Grant
    • Up to $750 for individual lecturers to pursue professional development opportunities to enhance their teaching; must be used w/in 12 mos. of application deadline.
      • Application
      • Deadlines: September 7 for Fall / February 1 for Spring
  • The Local Lecturer Support Grant
    • Up to $5000 for departments to develop their own programs to support the professional development of their lecturers, and addition $1000 available to compensate a lecturer for helping to coordinate these efforts.