Human Subjects Research Payments


Reminder regarding Human Subject Payment Processing:

1. As you begin your research involving human subjects, please be sure to review the OSU Department of Psychology Cash Advance Procedures for Human Subject Payments.

2. By default, payments will be directly deposited into the payee’s bank account if their payroll check is also directly deposited. If you need a physical check issued, please include this detail in your request.

3. Only request what you intend to spend within 90 days. Receipt log or the cash advance balance must be turned in as soon as all funds have been disbursed, by the study protocol IRB expiration date, and/or once each quarter- whichever comes first! All cash advances issued to graduate students or employees must be accounted for prior to the end of their appointment with the Department of Psychology.

Research labs conducting studies using human subjects are the point of audit for managing cash advances for payments to participants. The Psychology Main Office collects logs to reconcile to university reports and sends reminders of outstanding advances quarterly. Please see below for the correct human subject receipt and payment log depending on your funding source. You will either use university (UNIV) forms or OSP forms.

UNIV HS Payment Log

UNIV One-Time Payment to HS Receipt HIPPA

UNIV One-Time Payment to HS Receipt Non-HIPPA