Department Speakers Committee Funding

Speakers Committee Award Guidelines

Speakers Committee Call for Proposals

In August, the Speakers Committee in the Department of Psychology will make a call to receive nominations for the upcoming Academic Year. For awards issued in October 2021, areas will have three terms to bring in that particular approved speaker- either in AU21, SP22 or in AU22.

As in the past, awards will be made in two non-overlapping categories:

  • Speakers anticipated to have DEPARTMENT-WIDE interest
  • Speakers anticipated to be of interest within one or more AREAS

To nominate and request funds for a speaker of either type in round 1 of the competition, please send the following information to the Speakers Committee Chair no later than September 30th. If funds remain after the first round, candidates will be considered in a second round and then again until the funds are spent.

1.     Name of proposed speaker

2.     Amount requested (for area speakers, awards are typically capped at $800; for department speakers at $1200); please include estimates of the major components (e.g., travel, meals, honorarium).

3.     A brief rationale, including information about the speaker, to make a case for funding.

4.     An indication of whether this is an area or department-wide speaker, and some best guesses about which groups will find the talk appealing.

5.     An indication of the extent to which you have shared or vetted this nomination with your area faculty (for area speakers) and/or with other department faculty (for speakers of broader interest).

6.     An indication if any other funds are available for the speaker (e.g., area funds; joint with another department or program) and the amount of other funds available.

Please note four policies, which have been followed for the past several years:

1.     The funds reserved for department-wide interest proposals ($1800) do not count against any requests from specific areas;

2.     The committee aims to balance the speakers across interest areas in the department;

3.     Requests from multiple faculty and areas are encouraged.

4.     All else equal, proposals that involve cost sharing will have priority.

Speakers Committee Awards 

The full Speakers Committee will consider all requests and vote promptly announcing awards to the areas and department Fiscal Officer in October. For awards issued in October, areas will have three terms to bring in that particular approved speaker- either AU, SP or following AU. The area will work with the Fiscal Associates to provide the necessary details in order for the staff to arrange and process the Speakers Committee visit expenditures, travel reimbursements. Any changes in approved speakers must first be reviewed and approved by the Speakers Committee in advance