Staff Funding

Department Administrative, Advising & Technical Staff Travel Allocations

Each year, the department purchases a Management Advancement for the Public Service (MAPS) membership subscription from the John Glenn School of Public Affairs in order to support staff professional development locally. The department subscription pays for a specified number of MAPS seminars, and department administrative, advising and technical staff members will have an opportunity to request to attend one MAPS seminar per year. The tuition fee is $250.00 for one-day seminars and $500.00 for two-day seminars, therefore the department investment in staff professional development is substantial. Staff can also submit a request to attend a second seminar in the event that subscription slots open or become available. The department HR Manager will collect and approve MAPS seminar requests each year in July. *Staff must first ensure their MAPS seminar requests are pre-approved by their supervisor.

Additionally, the OSU Office of Human Resources offers free Staff Training and Development. Per the OHR Training website, “You are encouraged to take responsibility for your own professional development at Ohio State. This university is filled with resources that can help you thrive as an employee. Whether you prefer in-person or self-directed learning, there are many opportunities. See our current opportunities.” *Staff must first ensure their OHR training requests are pre-approved by their supervisor.

Finally, department administrative, advising and technical staff who remain in satisfactory job performance status and provide high quality service to the department can submit a request to the department Chair to use departmental funds to support professional travel expenses directly relevant to their specific staff position. To qualify for this support, a staff member must explain how their attendance at a particular conference will benefit the department and help the individual grow and/or be more effective in their current role. Conferences must be highly relevant to the specific staff position and reasonable in terms of conference location, expense, etc. A statement that there is no comparable lower cost training or meeting available should also be made.

All rules of the University with regard to pre-approval, documentation, expenditure limitations, deadlines, etc. apply. Staff should apply for OHR and/ or ASC professional development grants to help supplement the cost and expect that approved travel allocations will be occasional, not guaranteed nor routine. Travel allocations will be granted up to a maximum amount. In other words, staff can expect they will have to share in the cost.

Requests must be submitted to the Chair at least 3 weeks prior to the trip departure date and include the following:

  • A specific business purpose indicating how the business trip/ conference relates to and/or benefits the Department of Psychology mission
  • A specific statement indicating how the business trip/ conference is relevant to the position the staff member currently holds and how their attendance at the particular conference will help the individual grow/ be more effective in their current role
  • Conference information (i.e. name, dates, location, website, etc.)
  • A list of alternative conferences that could provide similar training- indicating if these alternatives are higher or lower in cost
  • A list of MAPS seminars and/or additional professional development training/ seminars the staff member has already attended or been approved to attend for the year
  • Amount of funding requested and itemized estimated costs
  • A specific statement indicating the external travel/ professional development funds requested (attach documentation, application)
  • Any additional supporting documentation (i.e. conference invitation, announcement, etc.)

The Chair will determine if the request supports the mission and needs of the department, reasonableness, equity amongst department staff travel allocations, and if budget exists to support the request.

Other Funding Opportunities

ASFW Ruthmarie Mitsch Professional Development Award

University Staff Advisory Committee Professional Development Grants