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Purchasing Card (P-Card)

The department pcard can be used for small dollar purchases of goods or services that are necessary to conduct university business and are not available through an OSU contracted or preferred vendor. All transactions must be in compliance with the University PCard Policy 2.23. All users of the pcard must sign the Department of Psychology PCard MOU prior to first use.

PCard Policy and reminders

  1. An email request for Pcard is required to sign out the department PCard. Please send the email to psych.service@osu.edu with Business Purpose, Funding Used, Estimated Dollar Amount, Vendor name.
  2. The PCard should only be used at the designated location for the amount requested and for the items specified in the email request. Any changes should be promptly communicated to psych.service@osu.edu for updates to be considered and/or made to the approved expenditure.
  3. If you use a university credit card and the total amount of the bill exceeds the maximum allowable or if sales tax in the amount of $10 and over is charged, reimbursement or credit from the vendor to the department is required.
  4. Please specify if you are using UNIV funds or OSP (grant) funding. This cannot be interchangeable as we must use specific cards for UNIV and OSP purchases University
  5. If transaction requires you to click a button for terms and conditions, please stop and email the terms and conditions to psych.service.osu.edu. These need to be reviewed by OSU before any order can be made. Psych.service will notify you when the terms and conditions have been reviewed.
  6. Amazon orders must be placed through a Department Pcard Manager only when the requested items are not available through a university vendor. No personal Amazon accounts can be used to place orders using university funds.