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Department Room Reservations

To reserve a department conference room (PS76, PS111, PS115, PS117, PS121, PS215, PS217, LZ120, LZ220, PS22, LZ15), email request to psych.service@osu.edu and include the following information:

  • Reservation Date
  • Start/end time
  • Purpose
  • Preferred Room
  • Host Name (Undergrads must be supervised or accompanied by faculty, staff, or graduate student)

If you wish to reserve PS35, please contact Paula Cullen, directly.

Conference room policy reminders for all faculty, staff, and grads:

  • All conference rooms must be scheduled before using them.
  • Reservations can be made at any time during the current semester. Since classes take priority, you will not be able to make reservations for SP18 (_____ – _________) until _/__/__ or SU18 (_________ – ___________) until _/__/__.
  • If you have a last minute need, please go to the Main Office (PS225) to locate an empty room. Do not just occupy the room and hope for the best. We have several classes, lab meetings, interviews, etc. scheduled all day long in a majority of the rooms.
  • Conference rooms are locked during the day and only faculty, staff, lecturers, and grads with BuckID access can access the rooms. For security, please make sure the door is closed at the conclusion of your event.
  • Undergrads are not able to have after-hours swipe access to conference rooms. If an undergrad needs to run experiments in these rooms, someone with a BuckID should swipe them in. That person should then make sure the room is secure at the conclusion of the event.
  • Most conference rooms have a whiteboard and Smart Board. Please make sure that you NEVER use a regular marker on the Smart Board. It will ruin the board. Also, please remember to turn Smart Boards off when not in use.
  • If you have a scheduled event in PS 35 or PS 22, you will need to work with the Main Office to gain access. Grads needing access to PS 22 for research must submit a Computer Lab Request Form.
  • Chairs and tables should NOT be moved from room to room. If you do move a chair, please return it at the conclusion of your event.
  • If you are an instructor or the organizer of an event, and you consistently run out of chairs, please notify Facilities Coordinator, Stephanie Pakes. Constantly moving chairs is not a solution, and creates problems for other events.
  • All conference rooms now have a posted layout of the room. Each chair and table is accounted for in the diagram. If you change the layout of the room, you should reset the room to match the diagram at the conclusion of the event.
  • If there are any questions, contact psych.service@osu.edu