Department Space Access Requests

The department allocates office space to faculty, staff and graduate students before they arrive on campus.  All offices, conference rooms, and research labs are accessible by BuckID swipe access.

In order to gain swipe access to the exterior doors of Psychology and Lazenby, or specific labs you’ll be working in, you must submit requests to

Requesting Access

A faculty member, lab manager, or graduate student for the lab should provide the Facilities Coordinator with a clear copy of the user’s Buck ID. The request email should follow this format. In the subject line, insert the reason (new person, replacement ID, additional access, swipe not working, remove access) and user’s full name for the request.

Make sure the body of the email includes:

Please process the attached Buck ID:

  • Full Name
  • Level of access: Faculty, Staff, Post Doc, Research Staff, Graduate student, or Undergrad student
  • Specific Lab/Faculty Name and Room Numbers (if you don’t know the room numbers that’s fine)

Interpreting the Card Readers

  • Multiple Swipes: At exactly 5pm and 9pm certain doors are programmed to lock. If you swipe at this time – you may get an “access denied” signal. If you are attempting to swipe into a room and get denied, do not swipe your card more than 3 times. If you swipe too many times, the system will assume that it is being tampered with, and it will shut down completely. This means that the door will be completely locked and unable to be accessed until the following morning. Around the times of 5PM and 9PM, you need to be especially patient so if you try to swipe in right around then, you will be denied. Do not swipe multiple times in an attempt to gain access. Simply wait a few minutes past the hour, and then try to access the room again. During business hours, if you find yourself locked out of your room, you can always come to the Main Office and we will be more than willing to help you access the room. For emergency requests outside of normal business hours, contact the Department of Public Safety at 614-292-2121.
  • Battery Signals:  If your card reader offers any light or sound other than the standard green light and unlocking latch sound it most likely means the battery is dying. If you notice these signals on any card reader simply email the Facilities Coordinator or come to the main office to notify her so she can replace the battery pack.

Ø  Battery is low – 3 slow green flashes, 3 slow beeps

Ø  Battery is very low – 3 green flashes, 3 red flashes, 3 beeps

Ø  Access denied – 3 red flashes, 3 beeps

Pointers for your Buck ID

  • Try not to store your Buck ID in close contact with your cell phone, laptop or desktop computer, or other magnetized devices.
  • Try to avoid scratching the magnetic strip on your Buck ID – storing it unprotected with your keys, at the bottom of a bag, or in your car.
  • When you replace your Buck ID, please let the Facilities Coordinator know asap so that she can update your access if necessary
  • Please let the Facilities Coordinator know if you have difficulty with the exterior building swipes (Lazenby South and Psychology west entrances) after hours.

Office & Lab Security

To secure both your office spaces and your belongings, make sure that if you leave your office, even if only for a few minutes, that you close the door behind you. Please be sure to also utilize the locking drawers at your workstations to secure your belongings when you are not in the room. The locked door acts as your first line of security, and a locked desk drawer or overhead cabinet is your second line of security. Do not leave any valuable items or furniture keys unattended in plain sight.