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Dr. Gerald Winer

Dr. Gerald Winer

Dr. Gerald Winer

Emeritus Professor, Developmental


Professor; Ph.D., Clark University, 1971-Cognitive development. Current work: metacognition, especially children's understanding of perception and emotion and the relationship between language and logic.

After many years of distinguished work in the Developmental Area, Dr. Winer is planning on retiring from the Department of Psychology in 2007.

Selected Publications

Winer, G. A.; Cottrell, J. E.; Gregg, V.; Fournier, J. S.; Bica, L. A (2002). Fundamentally misunderstanding visual perception: Adults' belief in visual emissions. American Psychologist, Vol 57, 417-424

Raman, L & Winer, G.A., (2002). Children's and adults' understanding of illness: Evidence in support of a coexistence model. Genetic, Social, & General Psychology Monographs, 128, 325-355

Winer, G.A., Rader, A.W. & Cottrell, J.E. (2003). Testing different interpretations for the mistaken belief that rays exit the eyes during vision. The Journal of Psychology, 137, 243-261.

Raman, L., & Winer, G.A. (2004). Evidence of more immanent justice reasoning in adults than in children: A challenge to traditional developmental theories. British Journal of Developmental Psychology, 22, 255-274.

Winer, G.A., & Cottrell, J.E. (2004). The odd belief that rays exit the eye during vision. In D. T. Levin (Ed), Thinking and Seeing: Visual Metacognition in Adults and Children. (pp.97-120) Cambridge MA: MIT Press.