Dr. Michael Browne

Emeritus Professor, Quantitative
Emeritus Faculty

Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Statistics


Michael Browne obtained his BA (1958) and M.Sc. (1965) degrees from the University of the Witwatersrand and his Ph. D. (1969) from the University of South Africa. He was employed at the South African National Institute for Personnel Research from 1959 to 1973, ending as Chief Research Officer, and was Professor of Statistics at the University of South Africa from 1973 to 1990. During this time he spent several years on sabbatical in the USA, being a Visiting Research Fellow in Frederic Lord's group at ETS in 1966, 1967 and 1972, Visiting Scholar at UCLA in 1980 and Hill Visiting Professor at the University of Minnesota in 1988.

Professional Activities

President: South African Statistical Association (1978)

President: Psychometric Society (1992)

President: Society for Multivariate Experimental Psychology (1999)

Associate Editor Psychometrika (1988-1993)


South African Statistical Association: Fellow (1979)

Society for Multivariate Experimental Psychology: Sells Award for distinguished lifetime achievement in multivariate experimental psychology. (2003)

Psychometric Society: Lifetime Career Achievement Award


Michael Browne's research has been primarily concerned with statistical modeling of multivariate psychological data. He has made contributions on asymptotically distribution free estimation in the analysis of moment structures, asymptotic robustness of multivariate normal theory against violation of assumptions, multiplicative models for multitrait-multimethod data, circumplex models for the investigating the personality circle, nonlinear latent curve models, and rotational methodology for factor analysis.

His main current interests are in multivariate time series and dynamic factor analysis (Du Toit & Browne, 2001; Browne & Nesselroade, 2005; Browne & Zhang, 2007a; Browne & Zhang, 2007b).


Software for methodology developed in the course of research is available. Click here for more information..

Selected Publications

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