Psychological Services Center: Services


Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Clinic


The DBT Clinic at the Psychological Services Center offers evidence-based treatment for people with Borderline Personality Disorder, chronic suicidality, or problems with emotions, relationships, and impulsive behaviors. Therapy consists of both individual (once or twice a week) and group (weekly) sessions for six months. Currently, all group therapy meetings are in the evenings (5:30 – 7:30) and in-person.

All clients will complete a phone-screen, questionnaires, and an interview to determine if the treatment is a good fit for you. Those for whom the treatment is deemed appropriate will complete questionnaires and interviews two times during and at end of treatment as well as before and after each session to help us track progress. All treatment is provided by caring and committed graduate student trainees supervised by Dr. Jennifer Cheavens, who has expertise in DBT, without cost to clients.

If you are interested in learning more about treatment with us, please contact the PSC and ask about DBT.   


Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) Clinic

The CBT Clinic at the Psychological Services Center provides evidence-based treatment for depression and anxiety.  Treatment is provided by therapist trainees who are advanced students in OSU’s Clinical Psychology doctoral program.  Therapists are under the supervision of a licensed psychologist. 

After completing a phone screening, clients will participate in a diagnostic assessment for use in treatment planning.  Clients will then participate in 12-20 therapy sessions focused on implementing cognitive behavioral techniques to decrease symptoms and improve functioning.  Clients will complete standardized questionnaires for ongoing symptom assessment and treatment planning.  As a component of our treatment, we provide education about mental health issues and, when appropriate, make referrals for other mental health services.

Depression Treatment and Research Clinic (DTRC)

The DTRC provides specialized cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for patients with depression. Individual CBT is provided on a time-limited basis. Clients will meet with a caring, respectful provider who will listen to their concerns and help them develop and implement solutions. Our approach is active and problem-focused to help clients achieve their therapeutic goals as quickly as possible. Sessions are initially provided twice weekly and then shift to once weekly. DTRC therapists are advanced students in OSU’s clinical psychology doctoral program. In-person and telehealth options are available. All services are supervised by Professor Dan Strunk, an expert in CBT for depression. To learn more, please call 614-292-8185 and ask about the DTRC. Check out the DTRC page here: