Careers with a Graduate Degree

Some psychology majors are interested in a career field that will require a graduate or professional degree after earning their bachelor’s degree. While some of the career paths below are within or closely associated with the field of psychology, you may be surprised to see the variety of post-baccalaureate directions available. Keep in mind that all of the graduate/professional programs will have specific requirements that may not be part of your current plan. It is important that you speak with your psychology academic advisor for recommendations regarding your coursework and prioritizing the extra-curricular activities you choose to best prepare and make yourself as competitive as possible for your chosen career path.

Check out the links below to explore some options. Also, make sure to check out our Ask-An-Alum program to learn more from alumni in these and other career fields.

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Academic Advisor

Applied Statistician


Art Therapist


Child/Adolescent Psychologist

Clinical Psychologist

Consumer Psychologist

Counseling Psychologist


Environmental Psychologist


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Forensic Psychologist

Genetic Counselor

Health Psychologist

Human Factors Psychologist

Industrial/Organizational Psychologist

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Marriage and Family Therapist

Mathematical Psychologist

Mental Health Counselor

Music Therapist

Nurse Practitioner

Occupational Therapist


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Physical Therapist


Physician Assistant


Quantitative Psychologist

Rehabilitation Counselor

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School/Career Counselor

School Psychologist

Social Worker

Speech/Language Pathologist

Sport Psychologist

Substance Abuse Counselor


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