Dr. Katherine Walton

Assistant Professor, IDD

Katherine (Katie) Walton received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Michigan State University in 2013. She completed a clinical internship at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center in 2012-2013 before joining the Nisonger Center staff as a postdoctoral fellow and LEND trainee in September 2013. Dr. Walton’s research and clinical interests lie in the area of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and early social-communication development. Her research focuses on the development, delivery, and evaluation of interventions for building early social-communication skills in individuals with ASD. Dr. Walton is particularly interested in examining individual-level and family-level factors that contribute to the well-being of individuals with ASD and their family members, and in developing interventions that are mutually beneficial for both individuals with ASD and their families.


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