Dr. James Todd

Professor, Cognitive

My research is primarily concerned with the visual perception of 3-dimensional form from various types of optical information, such as shading, texture, motion, and binocular disparity. The specific goals of this research are twofold: First, to identify the formal characteristics of how an object's 3-dimensional form is perceptually represented; and second, to discover how these representations are computed from the measurable properties of visual images. In addressing these issues we attempt to develop specific computational models of how image structure could be perceptually analyzed, and to empirically test the validity of those models for actual human observers.

Selected Publications

Thaler, L., Todd, J. T. & Dijkstra, T. M. H. (2007) The effects of phase on the perception of 3D shape from texture: Psychophysics and modeling. Vision Research47, 411-427. 

Thaler, L., Todd, J. T., Spering, M. & Gegenfurtner, K. (2007) Illusory Bending of a Rigidly Moving Line Segment: Effects of Image Motion and Smooth Pursuit Eye Movements. Journal of Vision7(6)9, 1-13.

Todd, J. T., Thaler, L., Dijkstra, T. M. H., Koenderink, J. J. & Kappers, A. M. L. (2007). The effects of viewing angle, camera angle and sign of surface curvature on the perception of 3D shape from texture. Journal of Vision7(12)9, 1-16.

Durand, J. B., Nelissen, K., Joly, O., Wardak, C., Todd, J. T, Norman, J. F., Janssen, P.,Vanduffel, W. & Orban, G. A. (2007) Anterior Regions of Monkey Parietal Cortex Process Visual 3D Shape. Neuron55, 493–505.

Koenderink, J. J., Pont, S. C., van Doorn, A. J., Kappers, A. M. L. & Todd, J. T. (2007). The visual light field. Perception36, 1595-1610.

Koenderink, J. J., van Doorn, A. J., Kappers, A. M. L., Doumen, M. J. & Todd, J. T. (2008) Exocentric pointing in depth. Vision Research48, 716-723.

Georgieva, S. G., Todd J. T., Peeters, R. and Guy A. Orban, G. A. (2008) The extraction of 3D shape from texture and shading in the human brain. Cerebral Cortex18, 2416 – 2438. 

Wilbraham, D. A., Christensen, J., Martinez, A. M. & Todd J. T. (2008). Can low level image differences account for the ability of human observers to discriminate facial identity? Journal of Vision, 8(15)5, 1-12. 

Koenderink, J. J., van Doorn, A. J. & Todd, J. T. (2009). Wide distribution of external local sign in the normal population. Psychological Research73, 14-22.

Georgieva, S., Peeters, R., Kolster, H., Todd, J. T &.Orban, G. A. (2009) The processing of 3D shape from disparity in the human brain. Journal of Neuroscience29, 727-742. 

Thaler, L. & Todd, J. T. (2009) The Control Parameters used by the CNS to Guide the Hand Depend on the Visuo-Motor Task: Evidence from Visually Guided Pointing. Neuroscience159, 578-598

Thaler, L. & Todd, J. T. (2009) The Use of Head/Eye-Centered, Hand-Centered and Allocentric Representations for Visually Guided Hand Movements and Perceptual Judgments. Neuropsychologia47, 1227–1244.

Durand J. B., Peeters, R., Norman, J. F., Todd, J. T. & Orban, G. A. (2009) Parietal regions processing visual 3D shape extracted from disparity. Neuroimage46, 1114-1126.

Nelissen, K., Joly, O., Durand, J. B., Todd, J. T., Vanduffel, W. & Orban, G. A. (2009) The extraction of depth structure from shading and texture in the macaque brain. PLoS One4, e8306

Koenderink, et al. (2010) Does monocular visual space have planes? Acta Psychologica134, 40–47.

Todd, J. T., Christensen, J. C. & Guckes, K. M. (2010). Are discrimination thresholds a valid measure of variance for judgments of slant from texture? Journal of Vision10(2):20, 1-18. 

Todd, J. T. & Thaler, L. (2010) The perception of 3D shape from texture based on directional width gradients. Journal of Vision10 (5):17, 1–13.

Phillips, F & Todd, J. T. (2010) Texture discrimination based on global phase alignments. Journal of Vision10(6):6, 1–14.

Thaler, L. & Todd, J.T. (2010). Evidence from Visuo-Motor Adaptation for two partially independent Visuo-motor systems. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 36, 924-935. 

Mysore, S. G., Vogels, R., Raiguel, S. E., Todd, J. T. & Orban, G. A. (2010) The selectivity of FST neurons for 3D structure from motion. Journal of Neuroscience30, 15491–15508.

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