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Dr. Pamela Highlen

Dr. Pamela Highlen

Dr. Pamela Highlen

Emeritus Associate Professor, Counseling


Highlen received her Ph.D. from Michigan State University in 1975, where she received training in counseling psychology. Her current theoretical and research interests include transpersonal, multicultural, and sport psychology and qualitative research methodology. She is on the 1996-1997 Editorial Board of the Journal of Counseling Psychology and serves as an occasional reviewer for the International Journal of Sports Medicine. Recent work includes development of the Self-Identity Inventory based on the Optimal Theory Applied to Identity Development (OTAID) model and the application of transpersonal psychology to coaching effectiveness and vocational assessment with racial/ethnic minorities.

Selected Publications

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Sevig, T. D., Highlen, P. D., & Adams, E. M. (In press). Development and validation of the Self-Identity Inventory (SII): A multicultural identity development instrument. Journal of Counseling Psychology.