Experts say parents should be less involved in their child's homework

September 9, 2019
FOX28 News Homework Story

FOX28 News published a new story involving the expertise of Dr. Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan of the Psychology Department regarding children and their homework.

According to Schoppe-Sullivan, when parents become deeply involved in their child's homework, it can result in frustration on both ends and ultimately, the parent doing their child's homework for them. She adds that this situation can also be harmful to a parent-child relationship. Similarly, she notes that technological advances allowing parents to view their child's grades/homework assignments can negatively impact their child and create stressors.

Schoppe-Sullivan suggests that parents instead encourage their children to be independent whilst completing homework. Instead of becoming more involved, ask them questions about how to problem-solve or propose they reach out to a classmate. 

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