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Dr. Barbara Andersen

Dr. Barbara Andersen

Dr. Barbara Andersen

Professor, Clinical Area


(614) 292-4236

149 Psychology Building
1835 Neil Ave.
Columbus, OH

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  • BS magna cum laude and high distinction in psychology from the University of Illinois, 1973
  • MA and PhD in psychology (clinical) from the University of Illinois, 1980

Professor Andersen is a clinical psychologist who studies biobehavioral aspects of cancer.  Following an internship at UCLA where she began research in cancer, she began her career in 1980 in the Department of Psychology, University of Iowa. There she studied psychological and sexual aspects of gynecologic cancer and received the Burlington Northern Award for excellence in Teaching (1985) and the Research Scholar Award (1988).  She came to Ohio State University (OSU) Department of Psychology in 1989, with a joint appointment in Obstetrics and Gynecology, and was promoted to Professor in 1991.  


Dr. Andersen conducts interdisciplinary, biobehavioral research, studying patients with breast cancer (regional, recurrence), chronic lymphocytic leukemia and advanced non-small cell lung cancers.  Her passion is developing and testing psychological interventions to reduce stress and depressive symptoms and psychological and disease related morbidities to improve patients’ quality of life, health and cancer survival.  The efficacious biobehavioral intervention has been broadly disseminated to oncology mental health providers who have successfully implemented to patients diverse in age, sex, race/ethnicity, and type of cancer diagnosed.  Her current work is focused on stress, depression, and inflammation/immune aspects of lung cancer and testing biobehavioral/cognitive behavioral interventions to treat patients having symptoms of major depressive disorder and/or generalized anxiety disorder.

Professor Andersen is active in teaching and service to the profession. She was instrumental in establishing the health psychology/behavioral medicine track within the Clinical area and for the for the Cancer Population Sciences Program in the Comprehensive Cancer Center was first Director of the Behavioral Measurement Shared Resource.   She has taught psychometrics, research design, practicum, and behavioral medicine graduate courses. She mentors undergraduates, pre and postdoctoral trainees, and junior physician-scientists. Dr. Andersen has received numerous awards at Ohio State (Distinguished University Scholar, 2000; Distinguished Lecturer, 2003; Distinguished Professor of Psychology, 2017) and OSU’s highest faculty award, University Distinguished Professor (2018). Awards from national organizations include the Award for Outstanding Contributions in Health Psychology [American Psychological Association (APA), 2003], Peter Minton Hero of Hope Research Champion Medal of Honor (American Cancer Society-Ohio Division, 2004), American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS Fellow, 2005), Distinguished Senior Investigator (Society of Behavioral Medicine, Cancer SIG, 2015), and Outstanding Training and Education Award (American Psychosocial Oncology Society, 2018).  She is presently (2021-2022) President of the Society for Health Psychology, Division 38, of the APA.


Publications illustrating programs of research

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